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Independent Consultant Program

FunDelicious Creations, LLC. is pleased and honored that you interested in our Independent Consultant Marketing Program.

The Independent Consultant Marketing Program is based on the concept of sharing products and services with others.  It's a way of moving products from our manufacturing plant to potential individuals, organizations, institutions or establishments that will get it to our valued customers.  This method of moving products has been proven to be very effective and profitable.

Consider a business where you can benefit from what others are doing, the more you share the more you get back.  This is the beginning to the road of becoming financially successful, as long as you want it!

When you sell FunDelicious Creations products, you will have the opportunity to earn an income in multiple ways.  First is your basic discount, this means the price you receive the products for "Wholesale" in comparison to what you sell it for "Retail".  Second, FunDelicious Creations has opened up multiple avenues from fund raising opportunities to using the Internet, its all in place for you.  Third, by sponsoring others into the Independent Consultant program which has the potential to earn you additional bonuses.

FunDelicious Creations is committed to your success and believes in supporting all its Independent Consultants 110%!  We provide top of the line service and products to our customers.  Moreover it will provide you with extensive training and guidance so your experience as an Independent Consultant will be a pleasant one.

Excited to get started?  Here's what you need to know.

If you truly want to achieve financial goals you have set for yourself, then you need to be a part of this program.  This program is designed so anyone can afford to participate.  It's time to get rolling down the road to financial freedom with a program that has been designed for success and a team that truly wants to make this happen.  You can join the team for a minimum cost of $59.95, shipping included.  You will receive a business starter kit with a sample of our fund raising products.

In order to become an Independent Consultant all individuals must meet the following requirements:

• Be 18 years of age or older
• Be a permanent resident of the United States
• Have a Social Security Number

If you qualify, then complete the Independent Consultant Agreement form.  This program is already changing lives of many people and it can change yours too!  So what are you waiting for!


Independent Consultant Registration Form
YES!  I want to join the FunDelicious Creations Team.  Please send me my business starter kit for $59.95. 

To become an Independent Consulant print and sign a copy of the Independent Consultant Agreement Form.  Please read it carefully before submitting to FunDelicious Creations.  Click on the following link to view the agreement form:

Independent Consultant Agreement Form

Payment Options:  Credit card payments are accepted by adding to the shopping cart, click on following link:

If you prefer not to pay by credit card, please submit payment with your signed Independent Consultant Agreement Form.  Make checks payable to FunDelicious Creations, LLC. in the amount of $59.95 and mail to:

FunDelicious Creations, LLC.
PO Box 2036
Pearl City, Hawaii  96782

Note: We will not process your credit card payment until we have received a copy of the completed and signed Independent Consultant Agreement Form.

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***When you sign the Independent Consultant Form, you become an Independent Contractor with the FunDelicious Creations, LLC. as a self-employed person.  You must keep your own records of purchases, sales, inventory, expenses and commissions.  These items are to be reported to the IRS at the end of the year.  You will receive a year-end statement (Form 1099) showing your income from FunDelicious Creations, LLC.  Consult with your tax person for advice.  Also, as an Independent Contractor you agree and abide by all privacy policies set forth by FunDelicious Creations LLC. (ref: Independent Consultant Agreement Disclaimer).

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